Winter Allergies ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL (November 26, 2018) – When temperatures get below freezing, people with seasonal allergies to grass, tree and weed pollens get well-deserved relief from their symptoms. But if you’re still sneezing and blowing your nose when winter descends, you might have indoor allergies. The problem for many allergy sufferers is figuring  … Read more

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Avoid Allergy and Asthma Triggers and Keep the “Bah Humbug” Outof Your Holidays

Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s — the fall and winter holidays bring festive times and seasonal activities that can trigger allergies and asthma. Allergists suggest the following tips to steer clear of potential culprits and enjoy healthy holiday cheer this season. Identify the Source of Your Suffering: Finding out what triggers your allergy  … Read more

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For Allergy Sufferers, Treatment Is Now At Hand FEBRUARY 11, 2016 By GREGORY ZELLER // Most allergy-related emergencies stem from some simple problem. When a patient can’t find his auto-injector, or doesn’t know how to use it, or the medication inside is expired, bad things happen. Collectively called anaphylaxis, allergic reactions can be life-threatening events  … Read more